Family day

Since the baby came, the husband feels pressured to work extra hard. Living in San Francisco adds up to the pressure as everyone knows how expensive it is to live in this city. He took a few weeks off when i just gave birth but ever since he started working again, he works so hard that we barely even see him. Well we do, but we barely even have the time to get out of the house and just enjoy the weather and some family time. We try to at least do it tho, if we can really squeeze it in our schedule. We get so lazy sometimes since it is so hard to get out with a baby, but we are getting the hang of it.

Today, we had a chance to go out and enjoy the San Francisco Summer sunshine. Here are some photos:

Went to try the Off grid picnic at the Presidio. It’s is kind of hot for the usual San Francisco weather but i find it perfect for a picnic in the park!

Was so hungry forgot to take photos of the yummy Paella and fried Wings.

Matcha snowball from Skylite Snowballs.

Good thing the baby boy slept all throughout that i was able to enjoy a hot meal. New moms out there understand what I’m saying.

Then went straight to Golden Gate park for our favorite yummy organic soft serve: Twirl and Dip. Their dark chocolate dip is heaven!!!

It’s like the baby boy wants some too!

Playing with momma. I can’t wait for the time that i can run around with him. But then again at the same time i dont want him to grow up. Oh and did i mention that he’s 15 weeks today! Yay! Dang they grow up so fast..

Yep. He’s not happy with mommas selfies. Too much photos mom! Enough with the selfie!

So that’s how we spent our Sunday!

Let’s try and spend as much time as we can with our family because memories like this is more important than anything else.

How was your weekend?

An Open Letter to Mum’s

They Call Me Sasha Fierce

I became a first time mother 10 weeks ago.It hasonly been a little over two months, but it feels like the lessons I’ve learnt in that time are enough to last till I’m 80. When I see another mum when I’mout and about, I realisehow much we have in common. We have so many differences, I’m sure; but thestruggles we face, the questions we ask ourselves and the tiredness weoften feel are very much the same.

morning coffee

Dear Other Mums,

I saw you today in the supermarket, with your two little ones. One was screaming for the lollies at the checkout and the other was pulling your skirt demanding attention. I saw the look of embarrassment on your face that screamed “please God just let us get out of this store and in to the car”. I also saw the other mum in the aisle watching androlling her eyes.

I saw…

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Too chunky?

I just want to share a photo of my chunky baby boy. He’s 15 weeks tomorrow and whooping 18 pounds. Exclusively breastfed, upsized into size 4 diaper as of today. Sleeps through the night with a 2 dream feed in between. He’s one chunky baby indeed!

Hooray for small victories!

My baby boy is refusing bottles and is co-sleeping at 3 months.

For weeks now, we have been incessantly trying to force him to take a bottle because he has too! i don’t want to feel like I’m handcuffed to him all the time and that’s what it feels like lately since he started refusing the bottle around 10 weeks. i am exclusively breastfeeding and i am giving him pumped milk in the bottle but he still wouldn’t take it. its not that I’m going back to work or something. i just want him to take one just so i can have some me time once in a while. its kind of stressful for me since i cant even leave him to his dad even for a lil bit, well fine i still do, but he cries like crazy and i kind of feel a lil bit guilty afterwards.

the past two days tho, he chugged 2 oz once per day. so i am kind of feeling a lil optimistic. So hooray! Today tho, he refused it again but i will keep trying.

We are also currently co-sleeping. We have a crib and nursery set-up and everything but he sleeps with us, in our bed, beside me on a normal pillow. i know they say it’s bad and its dangerous but i feel like i have this mommy instinct that i don’t really roll over him. Have been sleeping like that since he’s 2 weeks old and now he’s 3 months. It’s just that it’s so much easier for me you know, just rolling over when he starts grunting in the middle of the night to dream feed. I know, lazy me but hey, it works for us!

Last night, i tried to use the crib. He slept alright and didn’t even fuss. So that’s another small victory! It’s funny that i was the one who couldn’t sleep. i keep checking up on him and staring at him. going back and forth to the crib all night. i kind of miss him. i miss smelling him and kissing him randomly in the middle of the night. so after his 4 am feed, i just cuddled with him and let him sleep beside me on our bed, again. Maybe next time, i have to work on my separation anxiety.

So for all the other moms out there struggling with something, let us all celebrate our victories whether small or big because we deserve it.

Cheers wonder mommas!

Nothing fits!

Maybe like every new mom, I am going through the same struggle dressing up my post baby body. I am lucky enough to have lost all the 28 pounds i have gained during pregnancy within 3 months but, i have these pooches everywhere! I was hoping i would fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes after giving birth but nope.

Seriously, NOTHING FITS!! Okay maybe i am exaggerating a lil bit but it seriously felt that way and its frustrating and depressing. My breastfeeding boobs got so much bigger that it won’t even fit into my dresses, and blouses and basically everything. My hips got so much wider, like my hip bones expanded when i gave birth or something. Don’t even get me started about the love handles. I purchased those post baby belly bandit thing that’s supposed to help you get your waist back to normal after giving birth but its just so uncomfortable that i ended up not using it anyway.

Like having a baby isn’t expensive enough, like we have enough money to spare for buying a whole new set of clothes. Like being a new mom isn’t hard enough. Ugh!

Add up the pressure of all those other mommy bloggers and celebrities who look so put together even after giving birth. I can barely even shower, where the hell would i find the time to go out, shop let alone work out?

Anyone going through the same thing?

Any tips from other new mommas out there?

Welcoming Motherhood 

May 3, 2015

Life changed a lot as we welcome this tiny lil human in our lives. Words can’t even explain how we felt that day as we fell so deeply inlove with this baby boy instantly.

Little did I know that he will change how I feel about myself too. Ever since I became a mom, I feel so empowered that I feel like I can do anything and everything for this baby. I feel invincible. I feel like a super hero.  With the way he looks at me with his big brown eyes like I’m the most perfect human being in the entire world and it doesn’t matter if I didn’t shower or I don’t have make up on, or even if i smell like spit up. It’s not that. It’s your sole existence. Not the way you look, not even your dress size or your weight. It’s how it makes you feel on the inside.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes i feel like Idon’t  even know what the hell I’m doing too. I’m also not talking about perfection here. All im saying is that at least for my baby boy, it’s enough. At least for him, I am the best there is. And I think as long as you believe that, that’s all that matters.

Cheers to all the WONDERMOMMAS out there!!

What made me start a Blog


Hello Everyone!

I’m Bessie Lacap a 26 year old wife and a stay at home mom. Born and raised in the Philippines, currently living in San Francisco.

Will blog about: fashion and style, mommahood rants, adulting, wifey diaries, stay at home craziness, SF adventures

Have been meaning to start a blog during college days at Enderun, where blogs have just been recently up and coming but has always been skeptical about over-sharing. Worked in the wedding industry as per my bachelors degree where my dad just kind of forced me into taking (but ended up loving the events part anyway), my real and all time love is fashion and the arts. So after my Bachelor’s, took up styling and figured its the fastest easy access to the fashion industry. After styling a few fashion shows,ad campaigns and billboard ads, decided to focus on Engagement styling. Loved every bit of it. the creative outlet, the shopping, the endless clothes and options and mix and match and themes and venues and lovely love stories of every couple i worked with. Juggling a few hats at the same time, family business and my own businesses, my own life and shenanigans at 24. (other details will remain unmentioned)

Quarter life crisis strikes and i dropped everything for a quest of Adventure and self search. Moved to LA to get more experience in fashion firsthand but ended up moving to SF after marrying the love of my life. Got pregnant and now a new mom to a wonderful chunky baby boy.

Life indeed did not go as planned but you just gotta adjust your sails and go with it. I am grateful for everything that had happened in my life that made me who i am today. Which brings me back to why i am starting this blog.

Being a new mom at this age and at this strange new place is not an easy road. Include the crazy complicated situation which i’d rather not go into, i basically don’t have a support system. The only thing that has been keeping my sanity is knowing that i am not alone and everything that i am going through: the emotional roller coaster, the “i-dont-know-what-the-hell-I’m-doing” feeling, and the anxieties that comes with having this new tiny human being enter your life. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all bad and it actually feels kind of amazing most of the time. Makes me feel like a superhero, hence the title of this blog: WonderMomma.

And now back to my point, i am starting this blog to share about #themomlife. the raw and unedited real mom life. The sleepless nights and the poopoo blowouts, the meltdowns and identity struggles, the date nights and sex life or the lack thereof, the “nothing-fits” phase after birth, the weight struggles, the anxieties, the amazing feeling when you hear your baby’s first laugh, or the way he looks at you like you are the most perfect person in the world even though you didn’t shower for days and you smell like throw up. The good the bad and especially the ugly.

I want to share what i learned and currently struggling about. I want all new moms out there to know and feel that they are not alone in this crazy thing we got ourselves into. I also want to share all the fashion struggles i went through during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tips and tricks in styling and keeping your mommy glow. I want to talk about me time and working on yourselves as i try and struggle with you. Date night and balancing the hubby and the baby as i master the tips and tricks of the trade.
I don’t know it all and i’m not blogging to teach you all about how to do things and blah blah. Nope, this is not that kind of blog. I want you to feel like we are going through this together. I am here to share things i have learned and is still mastering. I want new moms to realise that we don’t need to be perfect and we don’t need to know it all before the baby comes. i want to empower and encourage moms and to just be there. Sometimes knowing that you are not going crazy and it is normal helps, at least for me and maybe it will to all the other moms and moms-to-be struggling out there too.

Also, gives me something to do while the baby naps and as i procrastinate on doing the dishes. Gives me an outlet too that shoves all the kiddie songs outta my head.

So bear with me as i go through #themomlife with you and as i master the art of being the WoderMomma.